What are people saying about Stuart's coaching tips?

Not only is Stuart a world-class speaker, he is also a master speech coach. He is patient, resourceful, and very creative. He is very approachable and gives great suggestions which will make any speech stand out. I won second place at a district-level speech contest in my first year of Toastmasters and I couldn’t have done it without the excellent coaching from Stuart. - Dr. Wenjie Cheng

Stuart is one of the finest public speakers and public speaking coaches I have ever met. He is an inspirational speaker who teaches with passion and clarity. He is great as both a keynote speaker and a seminar leader. Stuart is a role model, not only for me, but also for many other people. - Wayne Braverman

I met Stuart through Toastmasters where he expresses his amazing talent for public speaking. He also is skilled at developing and coaching others - both children and adults - to become more effective and inspiring communicators. - Jeremey Donovan

Stuart Pink is an accomplished speaker (recognized internationally) with a very engaging style. He offered a mini-course to my students a couple years ago and they learned so much from him. If you are looking for coaching or direction on how to become a better public speaker, I strongly recommend Mr. Pink! - Jonathan Santos Silva, BVP High School

What a great presentation you provided to my Public Speaking students today! The students enjoyed the presentation and learned a lot from the experience. Emma stated, “I’ve never felt more comfortable being critiqued on my speaking.” - Kelly Wilson, Lincoln High School

I now have concrete steps that I can take to make [my speech] better, far better. No wonder Stuart has had such great success.

Excellent presentation. Entertaining. I found his suggestions for practice especially interesting and plan to try out his suggestions.

Extremely entertaining, informative, and well organized! I loved it!!!

Excellent concrete tips for giving a great speech.

I truly enjoyed watching and listening to Stuart - I was enamored. I would love to hear him speak again.

Outstanding. I really appreciated his humor and his explanations of how to incorporate it [in a speech].

Stuart uses a lot of humor which keeps his speeches entertaining. He had some good pointers for speakers.

I liked Stuart's "genuine" presentation style.

Stuart is a great speaker.